Dead Winter

Happy Christian-holiday-corrupted-into-a-consumeristic-guilt-trip Day!

I'm happy 'cause I have chocolate and more will be on sale tomorrow ^_^

Oh yeah, and also 'cause I actually posted stuff!

Gibberish -- Tro+Ro poem.
The Problem With Arguments -- GoFigure piece. Duo has a nutty conversation.
Musou-no -- awkward!Heero on Valentine's short.

I'll post 'em on LJ later, but for now, they're on FFN (thanatos-aire).

Also, I have more waiting to be looked over a few more times. It should not take me over a year for the next update, really! ><;;;;

I'll edit this later and make it all link-pretty and whatnot. No time right now, be glad I finished posting the fics themselves [sigh]

Have fun!
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Dead Winter

Been Awhile

So it's been only a year ><;

I still have not undeleted anything from the crashed/corrupted computer drive.
This means that Emancipation is definitely on semi-perma hiatus, and new uploads are even fewer in between.

However, I do have a few new stories to upload for you guys, eventually ><;
This includes two pieces for the Go Figure Arc, two completely new oneshots (though one was attacked by Plot-Bunny at the end and I may have to write a sequel piece to fix what happened ><; ), and the first part of a new five-some arc.
I'll try to get at least one of these posted by the end of January, since uploading is such a pain that I need to set aside an hour or so.

(On that note: Does anyone know why GWU is acting up? Or even better, how I can fix or work-around it? It won't accept profile edit attempts among other wacky things, and this's been going on for a long while now.)

I'm working on several brand new things and trying to rewrite a few of the old ones I lost. The Nano piece is being semi-revised and still isn't finished, so bug me about it so I have to sit down and bang out the rest of the story, please and thank you?
However, I am working on original stuff too -- new and lost. This obviously interferes with fanfiction.

Real-life is being the total suckage this past year, including my laptop trying to die on me some more, so I'm sorry I've been all AWOL. Feel free to send me recs, non-empty praise, huggles, pocky, or winning lottery tickets to help battle this (*These writer's-block charity donations are not tax-deductible, sorry)
Dead Winter


I've been gone for a while, since December I think maybe?  But I have a very good reason for it:

I lost everything.

My computer disc drive thingy became corrupted, and I cannot get into ANY of my works.  I'm in the process of trying to download multiple undelete/restore programs to get the files back, but I don't have much hope.

Along with the five-hundred (not an exaggeration!) Gundam Wing fics, I had about another thousand fanfics and original pieces, maybe a thousand poems, and a few dozen icons I was working on.  I also lost all of my foreign languages vocab and other research stuff, and the hundred-thousand fanfiction and original fiction pieces I had saved from online.
<dd>So yeah, I'm pretty much starting COMPLETELY from scratch here, and I lost all inspiration to work on anything new (or old ><; ) for most of January and parts of February.

I have since started a few new pieces, but it looks like Emancipation is on indefinite hiatus, as is the sequal series for Home and the other works in the Acceptable Losses Arc.  Maybe eventually I'll sit down to rewrite what I can remember, but don't be surprised if your bubble gets popped.

So... sorry.

... If I could get a hug, that'd be great *^^*
Dead Winter


Okay, so... Steps, Words, and Scroll are on the LJ now.
I went through and added some tags 'cause I only had my 1331 pairings, and figured people searching would type in 1x3 instead, so I added those for convenience.

I started on GWU.  I know! [dies]
The profile doesn't seem to be updating.  I don't know why, but I'll it again in IE and see.
So far, I posted Fear/Heart under the Y section, S/T Words under the Y section, and Beside/Captain under Non.
I'll upload a few more in a couple days (unless no one else posts anything and my stuff'd be back-to-back, which is the point of doing it this way), but I have to figure out which ones I want under Y.
              I know more people read the Y section than the Non, but technically most of my stuff is more "friendship" or "smarm" than actual lovers.  I guess a lot of it is up to interpretation and it's gonna kill me.  Arg.

And I decided that I'm going to redo L> RECRUITS4.  Fei came off kinda fanon crabby and I want to fix some of the questing comments.  I won't take it down from FFN or LJ until it's done and I'll just replace it with a note, okay?
Dead Winter

Kinda Late, but Oh Well

So the other day I posted some stuff, but never got around to this, and just now I was messing with the other LJ, so have some updates:

I posted TWO chapters of Eman on FFN. I know. But I haven't gotten ANY feedback on either of them so far and it's bugging me because I left a note in one that mentioned some stuff and I was hoping to get some help ><;

I posted THREE new stories.
How Charged My Scroll.  Wufei and Treize have a talk; friendship, end-of-series. PG for ref to violence/death
Sometimes Words... Trowa/Wufei PG13 for cussing (mention of Mid! <3)
The Steps Between.  Heero/Duo friendship (past Duo/Wufei smarm).  R for cussing, violence, death.

All three of these are now up at the archive.

I messed around a little with it, so maybe the sidebar will be easier for people to read?  Maybe it's just my Firefox (been actin' up all week, the bugger)  In which case, I'll fix it back if it's worse for everyone else.

I started to upload on GWU.  [crawls under blanket]  Nothing's up on it yet, but I did sit down with the intent to begin posting on there!  I was distracted, and I think I'll wait until like two in the morning on a Wednes or soemthing so there's less people to view my first attempts at uploading with the GWU system.
                   Every place has their own idiosyncracies/PMS y'know.  LJ works better if I c/p the HTML code into that tab and insert the cuts myself than using teh icon in the RT tab.  FFN works best if I upload a blank document and then c/p my html into that tab.  AFF (which I'm not on any longer) was easier if I just c/p the story into the box 'cause it ate my tags either way...  So yeah.  I'm worried it'll take me a while to get used to / learn how to work this system so I want to try at a time nobody else'll be there to see me take down and put up the same thing four times and have it still come out as gibberish.  Oh well.

Nothing really else, 'cept for outside fiction.
I failed Nano by the way.  Didn't even start it.  I did spend some time on last year's project though, and despite being incredibly excited (holy shit I wrote that much crap) it's still not even halfway done so you guys WONT see it anytime soon.  'Less someone volunteers/trades some beta-services.

Yeah.  So... uh, I guess that's it.
Dead Winter

Ack! Lazy Author Syndrome strikes again! ><;

I'd like to blame it on good ol' Writer's Block -- we're such intimate buddies. And I guess it wouldn't quite be a lie, but more truthfully, it was just a lack of inspiration.


Between RL and gaming (dammit, I'm back on Maple Story. Someone get me the number for lame-and-noobinfested vidgame addicts anonymous), I just haven't had to chance to get beaten over the head by a muse. I rarely even read fanfiction anymore, especially since there's NOTHING new in any of my fandoms and all the old stuff I either know by heart (I am not exaggerating) because I've re-read it so many times or it's barely decent.

Although maybe that TS ELIOT: THE MUSICAL idea we had in English class had something going on... (Seriously... Oh Dante, Dante!)

Anyway... I did get one thing done. Not sure where it came from, but... I present to you, you poor patiently-waiting people, a new GW fic:
"THE STEPS BETWEEN". Heero/Duo friendship, past 2552, Prevs-era, death/grieving elements, brief cussing -- PG13; archived on FFN, LJ

Also, because I've been lazy and not posting stuff, here's ANOTHER new fic:
"Sometimes Words..." 3553 platonic love, post-EW, rated PG13 for cussing, "An awkward conversation can make all the difference." Archived on FFN, LJ

And, Oh. Me. Gorsh. How lucky are you guys? Yes, that's right, YET ANOTHER NEW FIC.
"How Charged My Scroll" 13/5 friendship, PG13, set during Treize's house-arrest, "Not a typical Treize fic" ('cause my brain hurts too much to try to come up with a better summary ><; ); archived on FFN, LJ

HOLY CRAP. I also did a DOUBLE UPDATE on Emancipation. Chapters Sixteen AND Seventeen are up for your enjoyment.
By the way... ><; I noticed that a lot of people put it on their update-alert list AND their fav stories list, but never seen to leave me notes... I do see that people have signed those things on, y'know, so I obviously know that -somebody- is reading it. Is it not worth the five minutes to leave feedback when I KNOW WHO YOU ARE? At least stalk me anonymously or something geez.

One other small unimportant piece of information... I have deleted all my stories off of Adult Fan Fiction. I can't figure out how to delete the entire accounts yet though, but just so ya'll know... I even changed the username so it's not TheLadyNanashi anymore (although the forum one still is) If anyone can drop me a note on how I completely remove my profile and stuff off, I'd be wholly appreciative. <3s
But yeah, so... I dunno. It was a pain in the beginning, but ever since it changed over to the new management I have had nothing but issues with it. My only regret is that it is the only place I know of where I can find LadyYeinKhan's beautifully heart-wrenching Trowa-torture fic (Fuck, sweetheart, you know I want to hug you to death, right?), and so I must still visit it occasionally. What ever for you, heartling.

Oh, and PS to all you Americans out there: M A V E R I C K [pops open a beer and chugs] ><;;;;
PPS -- Please don't think that meant I voted for her. ><;

PPPS: Don't even ask about NaNoWriMo. Seriously. I will stab you in the eye with my dead muses.
Dead Winter

Well, I'd like to proudly announce that today was incredibly productive...

And it's true, it's just... you guys wouldn't know. I worked on stuff that isn't even close to being posted, WIP or not. But hot damn, I think I overdid Fei-babe a little. Now he won't get out of my damn head. ><; It wouldn't be a big issue if he were naked or something, but alas I am not that lucky. Angst comes before smut, as the rules of fanfiction goes.

A~nnnnd... [sighs and hides] Eman is being a fucking pain in the goddamn arse. I've been working on this damned scene for like eight months now, gorram it! Fark you, Trowa, you damned bastard. Work with me, arg.
But... Emancipation will be updated. Yep, chapter sixteen will been posted on FFN and the LJ. {less-than slash three}

So... I'm working on BD, it's down for the moment. I have to repaginate everything 'cause it wasn't working the way I wanted it to. The TLN LJ is up and running... but I want to tweak it some. Eventually, all the posts will have a link to everywhere else that particular story is archived, but it's slow going for the moment.

I HAVE DECIDED TO LEAVE AdultFanFiction. It's just... it's too much trouble with their system, I don't seem to get much feedback from it, and all the stuff I read (as in, all the stuff that's posted next to my stuff) doesn't seem to have much quality if any at all. I dunno... Gr [stress]
So yeah. I'll be working on clearing out the stuff (I save all the reviews!) and deleting the account (including the forum board one). Sorry if it's inconvenient, but it's really been annoying the crap out of me.

As for GWU... I'm working on it. I have an account (search profiles for TheLadyNanashi) but I don't have anything up at the moment. I'm trying! I hope to post something every other day or so until it's caught up.
Dead Winter

[hides under Batman blanket]

I know... I are bad. ><;

I don't really have any news, but it's been awhile since I posted and I just wanted to make sure no one thought I was dead or anything.

I have not worked on the other LJ, or GWU (the main domain doesn't seem to be working, but the fic one does; anyone have info?) for that matter, and I'm pretty sure I'm just going to put BD on perma-hiatus because I either don't have the time or the inspiration for it. I was trying to get Eorthe Leoht up and running, but... ><;

Gimp2 is confusing as hell. I thought I could go and run up a horde of icons like I usually do in MS Paint, and it decided to eat my layers, so I guess I don't have any new icons to share. XP

Er... I suppose I _could_ post another chapter of Eman... ><; I'm having a lot of trouble with it, and I did finish two short fics for GW that I haven't posted either yet... I just don't really have the drive to fight with FFn at the moment. Maybe tomorrow (holiday, so no work or school!), and I guess if I promise to work on stuff, then I'm obligated, so... I, Aire of the obsessed fangirl club and resident GW-dork, hereby declare that tonight and tomorrow I shall definitely work on _some_ Gundam Wing fic in _some_ way, shape, or form. XP

I _did_ work on my one R-rated Ronin Warriors epic of doom fic ><; It probably won't be finished before I die, but torturing Ryo is so easy... Not as much as Trowa though <3 [rolls eyes]

Oh, and I've pretty much decided that my Nano this year will in fact be original fiction. It's in the post-modernist meta-fictional manner of an email-version of Upon A Winter's Night. Yeah. I doubt it'll be half the story that blub makes it out to be, but whatever. The writer-threesome angle should totally be worth it, despite the way it's going to absolutely _kill_ my style.

So yeah... GW fics...
Dead Winter

Random New Stuff

Okay, so.

I got the other LJ up... Not quite fully running yet though. I plan on working on it in conjunction with BD now that the semester is over. (Actually, I really should be doing my final for sociology right now ><; It's just an essay and it's due in... ten hours. Bad Aire, no pocky for you!)

But yeah, so here's the quick link: theladynanashi It's been Friended, so you can go through there too.

Also... this morning, in a fit of need-to-see-if-WIPs-I've-been-reading-have-been-updated, I randomly decided to go ahead and get an account on GWU. It's under TheLadyNanashi, and I'm kinda totally freaking out about it.
I don't think the way I talk sometimes, with the flinging insults, that people would really know, but... I practically have anxiety attacks every time I post. It's part of the reason why I usually don't end up sending reviews to other authors too. I'm just always so concerned about a backlash, some confrontation... ><; Arg, I'm such a scaredy-cat. But really, I mean my stuff means a lot to me and every time I open my email, I cover my eyes and peek through my fingers to see if there's any review notices. When it's good, I'm flying for the rest of the day, but if it's not I take it very personally and get VERY upset.
Posting my stuff on yet another venue, especially such a small community like GWU where my fics aren't going to get lost in the pages of updates, allows more opportunity for feedback. Maybe I am just being overly crybaby-ish, flamers are usually idiots anyway and shouldn't have any standing, but what about people who know more/better on the topic and correct it all. Then I have nothing.

ANYWAY, off the subject of my but-momma-the-kids-at-school-don't-like-me "guess I'll go eat worms" emo angsting...

I hope to post one piece (each chp of Eman counts separately) every few days on GWU until I'm caught up. That way, it's not just my stuff on two pages straight.


I did finish off another ficlet. <3 It'll be posted (and announced) later this week, along with another Emanc chapter. (Homigorsh, I puked up three chapters in the last week; I don't know if they're any good, but... Isn't it odd how I was so concerned it being perma-hiatus/discontinued, and the moment I announce it it's all back in my head? Crazy crack muses...)

So yeah, that's it I guess...

Oh, except for the slight entertaining of the idea that maybe I want to delete all my AFF stuff. Ever since they had that legally-binding age-consent thing implemented, I've been thinking about it. Plus, pretty much everything on there now is crap anyway. I could go on a rant about the dumbass-ness of it all, with the plagarism and rampant OOCness and lack of any decent English skills whatsoever, but that would take more time than either of us are willing to put in. ><;
Dead Winter

Fic Update

Holy Shit, I know! Emanciaption was updated. National fucking holiday.
I'm not quite sure what happened, but I spent two nights straight staring at the folder and then this morning I opened it and BLAM, it's all written up to chapter twenty-three, and twenty-four is half done. Admittedly, the chapter I was having the problem with (seventeen) didn't quite work out the way I wanted it to, but this story is giving me such a headache anyway that screw it.
Just be fucking glad that you guys got the next part (which has, for the record, been completely done and ignored since about August. ^^)

Other than that... er, not quite so much. But hey, you got an Eman update.

Isn't that odd, that just last week I mentioned how I thought I'd have to put it on perm-hiatus, and here I am ready to post? Damn, I guess that whole being-public-about-it thing really does force your hand.

(Now watch, I won't be able to finish the chapter I'm working on for another six months ><; )
Oh, and Happy Arbor Day! (Earth Day in the States, too.)
AND... Friday the 25th is the Day of Silence. I have a presentation in class... ><; I'll still wear purple and rainbows and a DoS tag though. <3